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Thursday Classroom Question

Johnny's teacher tells her class, "Class, I'm going to ask you a question at 2.55pm every Thursday and whoever answers it correctly will be excused from school on Friday and can enjoy a three-day weekend."

The students got really excited about this and were anxiously awaiting fro Thursday afternoon to arrive. On Thursday, at precisely 2.55 pm, the teacher addressed the class. " Students, this week's question is 'Who can tell me Pythagorean Theorem ?" After a long pause she said, "Well, I guess I'll see you all tomorrow."

The teacher was teasing the childern. She always planned to ask question that no fifth grader could ever answer.

Now Johnny was getting wise to the teacher's scam. The following Thursday, Johny brought to school both his parent's bowling balls. At 2.54, he rolled them down the aisle and they crased into the teacher's desk. The teacher jumped up, came around the front of the desk and yelled, "All right, who's the comedian with the big balls?"

Johnny says, "Eddie Murphy! See you monday!

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