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Deaf and Mute

As a golfer teed up at precisely his reserved time, he was tapped on the shoulder. The intruder handed him a note which read, 'I am deaf and mute. Please let me play through.'

'This is MY tee-off time,' the golfer bellowed, shaking his head vigorously. 'Your handicap doesn't entitle you to play through!' Then he proceeded to drive his ball straight down the fairway. 'Nice shot,' the fellow's caddie said as they headed off the tee, leaving the deaf-mute fuming.

While lining up his next shot, the golfer was struck on the head by a ball. Turning around angrily, he spotted the deaf-mute holding up his hand. 'What is he doing?' asked the golfer, squinting into the sun. 'I believe he's holding up four fingers,' the caddie replied!

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