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Takeru Kobayashi

Takeru KobayashiHot Dog eating Champion

At the 2004 World Hotdog Eating Championships on July 4th, Takeru Kobayashi, also known as "Food Fighter", or "Tsunami", gulped down 53½ hotdogs in just 12 minutes to set a new world record! That works out to more than one dog every 15 seconds. Again in 2006, Takeru broke his own World Record, with a fraction more shoved in, 53¾. He has now won the event every year since 2001.

Australian Hot Dog eating contestWhat is more impressive, is that Takeru weighs only 131 pounds. The prize for being the world champion, he is awarded a trophy, the championship belt and most importantly a year's supply of hotdogs.

In 2007, Kobayashi lost the title in a tight competition to American Joey Chestnut. That ended Kobayashi's 6 year winning streak.

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