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Serena Williams Plans to Retire from Tennis After the US Open

Serena Williams, the modern-day tennis champion, is set to exit from the sport sometime after the 2022 US Open. The annual event is scheduled to start on August 29, 2022, and complete on September 11, 2022. The player is on record, having won 23 Grand Slam single titles in her career. There is no other tennis player who has ever won this number of titles in the open tennis era. She is also on record for winning 14 Grand Slam double titles with her sister Venus Williams. This is the second highest number in the open era. 

Serena Williams revolutionized women’s tennis

Serena Williams is known as the player who brought the greatest revolution in women's tennis. She has a powerful playing style, superb athleticism, and tactical ground strokes. She became a distinguished female athlete in the 21st century by scoring major tennis titles and dominating the headlines in media around the world. She is not only a key tennis player but also a cultural icon in the US. 

Being a household name in sports, she has had a great influence on the sports betting fascination among American bettors. Sports betting is legalized in most US states, and sports fans can engage in betting from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or any other state where it is legalized. Before joining tennis, the sport mostly attracted crowds of white faces. She drew more crowds of spectators, and they became a mixture of all colors and genres. More women, especially girls of color, took an interest in tennis.

Joining professional tennis at 14 years old

Serena Williams was 14 years old when she joined professional tennis in 1995. Born in Michigan but raised in Los Angeles, the young Serena learned the sport from her father. She started learning tennis at the age of 4 and did not stop until she became a professional and the greatest tennis player in the 21st century. She was always seen holding a racket every time she went out for a walk with her elder sister Venus. 

The 2022 US Open will be her last tournament 

After 27 years in the professional sport, Serena Williams is ready to retire at 41 years old. When hinting about her retirement in a Vogue cover story, she said she had never imagined choosing between tennis and a family. She said she would still be out there playing if she was a man while his wife would be focused on expanding the family. 

Unfortunately, this can never be the case for her, and now she has to choose family at this point in life. Although she didn’t indicate the exact exit time, the 2022 US Open will be her last tournament. During their career time, professional players often take a rest from the field as one way to overcome stress and for rewinding. Serena Williams’s first Grand Slam was in the 1999 US Open, followed by the 2001 US Open. 

The highest number of Grand Titles to be won before the open era was won by Margaret Court. She won a record 24 Grand Slam titles. The open era began in 1968, and Serena pointed out that she would have desired to achieve that record and probably break it, but a time comes in life when someone has to make crucial decisions. 

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